Sometimes we just need some inspiration and guidance to get our creative juices flowing. These simple & fun exercises are great for novices and pro's, adults and kids alike.


    Connect with your inner world as you learn to listen to your intuition and follow your creative nudges. Discover meditative and mindful mark making to support self discovery and calm.


    Explore your art, and find new ways to make colourful marks, intuitive lines, mandala doodling and quirky faces. Be imperfect and have fun! Expand your expression!

Watch Intro Video


What's inside?

4 short videos taking you thru easy, creative ideas. You don't need any fancy art materials, or any art experience!

  • Suggested materials list - but this is more for ideas and guidance and totally not necessary.  You can use a pencil for all of them if that's all you have!

  • I touch on mindset and attitude that encourages a creative state.

  • 4 engaging videos shot in my studio taking you thru quirky faces, mandala practice, organic lines as you breathe and release, and intuitive mark making.

  • For the price of a green smoothie you get some creative juice!

Course curriculum

Creative sparks and nudges with artist Natalia Fidyka

  • 2

    Breathe and Release

    • Breathe & Release Video

    • A little bit about Breathe & Release

  • 3


    • Mandala Video

    • A little bit about Mandala

  • 4

    Mark Making

    • Mark Making Video

    • A little bit about Mark Making

  • 5


    • Faces Video

    • A little bit about Faces


I am so ready for some creative nudges from Natalia!